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Syndrome of Reform and Development… “Free Rider”

Dr.Salah Hashem

In our previous article, we talked about how the absence of social thought can play out in replacing peoples with audiences that are usually superficial and impulsive behind their instincts and are not governed by sound logic and easy to guide and lead, even against the State itself; This justifies the inevitability of the inauguration of new theories of social thought that contribute to the reproduction of national peoples capable of building new civilizations in the light of the realities of modern times.

At a time when investing in people has become the most successful and profitable investment.. Do not talk to me about the wealth of a country whose people are fraught with hatred, racism, rationalism, ignorance and wars, and limiting the concept of development to searching for a living or working to secure it.. At a time when people are chasing by the power of money; circumstances and destinies are chasing him with the utmost cruelty, so that the outcome in the end is the retreat of the countries with accelerated steps backwards..!

Singapore, the country whose president once cried because of his country’s lack of drinking water, is today ahead of Japan in terms of average per capita income…!!?? And Nigeria, which is one of the countries in the world that possesses the most natural resources and the most that exports oil, has become the poorest and most regressed country in the world on the human development index, and the secret word for that is the decline of the human being who has become burdened with burdens, conflicts and ethnic grudges..!

Investing in the human mind is the safe engine for development

In our contemporary world, it is only the underdeveloped peoples who depend on their balance in the underground in order to live and develop.. Unlike the developed country, which always bets on investing in the human mind as it is the safe locomotive for development and the field of its wealth that does not run out.. The profits of a company like Samsung have reached in the one year about 327 billion dollars.. And many countries may need a hundred years to reach this figure of their domestic product..!

Japan was defeated in World War II. In less than 50 years, it has retaliated from the entire world with science and technology. If the ordeal, as Victor Marie Hugo says, makes men, the desire to live makes monsters. When the people lose their national compass, they destroy their public property, believing that they destroy government property. This was clearly witnessed during the events of January 25, 2011.

The “third percent” theory

So man is the password, not the stone. State’s ability to create
a civilized people capable of producing a secure future in which man enjoys the finest human characteristics of education, health and otherwise. Hence, we must think together about the anatomy of the human community. According to a simple human notion called the “third percent” theory, which is based on a philosophical question that “Is the whole people supposed to be productive to have a productive state…? And is the whole people supposed to be fit to have a civilized state?

Human society, in our perception and according to what we understood from geneticists, consists of three factions.. Each faction constitutes 30% of the total population.. The first third of the people is characterized by extreme positivity and determination, and has a strong will for reform and production, and bears full responsibility for the development and renaissance of society.. As for The second third, it is completely different from the first third, as it is characterized by extreme negativity and has a strong desire for corruption and demolition, and lacks the ability and desire to work and produce and tends to be lazy, indifferent, and live on the shoulders of others. He does not feel responsible and is only preoccupied with his own interests and personal gains, even if they are at the expense of the state’s interest, its present and future.
He is always nostalgic for the past and feels suffocated by the present, frustrated, and indifferent to the future. He is convinced that deep selfishness is the basis of all human virtues.. Love yourself, O man, that is the only rule that this faction of the people believes in, according to the sayings of “Fyodor Dostoevsky.”

Free Rider

The third three consist of a faction “between between”. It borrowed its description from the philosopher of civilization “Malik bin Nabi” when he talked about “Insan al-Nisf” or half human being, confirming that the corruption of revivals is usually produced by the production of Insan al-Nisf.. Ben Nabi defined “Insan al-Nisf” as a very persistent person in seeking his rights, even though he does not perform the minimum of his duties, or from the culture of what is available to him, he goes to school as he goes to work, for nothing but wasting time. He does not innovate in a shop and does not accomplish in a project. He is always a half-man.. He stands in the middle between the other two factions to represent 30% of the total.. He tends to play the role of the “free rider ” who always prefers to sit on the spectators’ seats on the battlefield, to clap at the end for the winner without earning the enmity of either of the two teams. It is the easiest of the three factions to attract, polarize, and influence, and always describes itself as objective..!

Perhaps this perception is an ideal picture for all human societies from the beginning of the social contract until now.. And that the growth of society in this case is a natural growth that is unable to enter into the race of evolution.. Even this spontaneous development does not guarantee the continuity and survival of society..!
So as long as the three factions are equal, the equality here is in the volume that is based on similar characteristics between each of the three factions: “the good faction that puts the interest of society before itself, and the corrupt faction that prevails its personal interests over the general interest of society, and the third faction, which is the human half.”

So, the struggle is always between the first and second factions, and the victor is the one who imposes its own characteristics on society, whether positive or negative.

.. And the maximum victory that one faction can achieve over the other is to turn part of it into the third faction represented by the half human being or the free rider who is the real arena for the conflict between the two factions .. as the faction that is the easiest to attract and polarize.

The question that arises is how can a faction overcome the other two factions to form the general features of a society and how can a good faction achieve dominance so that we have a good society in which all the elements of renaissance are available, which we will explain in our next article.

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