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Reform and Development Syndrome.. Drowning Fears and Survival Mechanisms (3)

Dr.Salah Hashem

In continuation of our previous conversation about the reform and development syndrome, and in the context of talking about the theory of the third percent, which I discussed in the two previous articles.. It is necessary here to talk about the philosophy of that theory, which stems from the idea of describing society as being energetic, productive, or righteous, which does not mean that (50 percent + 1) One of the members of this society must be righteous.. For example, the number of the labor or productive force in China does not exceed 150 million out of a total of one billion and more than 300 million people.. As for Egypt, the size of the labor force does not exceed 30 million out of a total of approximately 106 million people. .. And one individual may be productive enough to support a family consisting of (3 members or more).. By this spending, he guarantees the survival of the family biologically, but does not guarantee its development as required if at least one third of the family members are not productive!

The origins of human society 

With talking about the philosophy of this theory, we only have to look at the origins of human society, which usually begins with marriage between two parties (male and female) with the condition of being able to have children. The child here is considered a true expression of success the marriage process and the achievement of its goal, which is the survival of the species and the reconstruction of the earth.

Hence, families are formed, and according to their number, human society is formed, and this is what all the literature of the social sciences has revealed.

The question here is how many “sperm” animals do the “fertilization” process need in order to produce this child.. And the answer here was revealed by medical scientists, who explained that the sperm world consists of “active” sperm, “deformed” ones, and a third “dead” one.. Although The mating relationship involves the ejaculation of millions of sperms and that the fertilization process itself needs only one active sperm to take place; However, scientific studies have confirmed that if we only have 30% of the animals active, 30% deformed, and 30% dead, the possibility of completing the fertilization process may be very weak, and the male may be described as “sterile.” Although he produced nearly 30 million active sperm..!

The solution here is to work on increasing the number of active sperm to be (30% + 1). Obviously, increasing the active numbers is usually at the expense of reducing the distorted percentage, without looking, of course, to the dead percentage.. Based on the above, the human or animal society Or something else that arises and grows based on the idea of (one-third + 1).

Our proposition of the idea of dividing human society into “three factions,” as I mentioned in my previous article, is completely consistent with this idea. As the reform, development, and development of society must proceed from the support of the “competent” members of the people and their transformation according to what I called in the previous article (the half-man). ) or the “free rider” to good citizens, capable of making rational decisions in all matters of their lives, and everything related to the development, reform and preservation of society.. This category – the deformed third, the human half, or the free rider – is the one that has the full ability to shift to positivity and negativity when it possesses the desire, motivation and full will for change.

Hence the importance of education and programs for the development of the conscious, moral and material stimulation and the ability to discover and investing the latent energies of the personality of the free rider indifferent or the spectator, or whom we call metaphorically in Egypt “the couch party.” ! Completely regardless of the third faction that opposes development, change and reform, and whose interest always lies in maintaining the status quo, which is literally embodied in the character of “Qasim Al-Samawi” in” the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” who always searches for weaknesses in society and waits for crises and disasters to come The state is weakened to turn these crises into opportunities for personal profit and to deepen the roots of corruption in what is left of the body of the state. Of course, the third represented by the free rider is considered a prey that is easy for corruption to swallow if it does not find real protection from the righteous third in society. When the numbers of ruins, puddles, and garbage dumps abound in a society… mice, rats, scorpions, snakes, and stray dogs spread..!

The need to reform the distorted third in society

It is important that development plans include broad processes for social reform ensuring the reform of the distorted third in society and transform it into a high productive capacity.. With a complete avoidance of the use of violence and marginalization and notifying the people to be transformed of oppression .. According to the words of Bin Khaldun: “If people feel oppression, their morals deteriorate And the longer a person is marginalized, he becomes like a beast, and only cares about instinct and a living.

This does not mean, of course, that we share this category’s unaware delusions in order to ensure that they win over the righteous third of the people, as the philosopher Nietzsche says. Social, economic, political and cultural, and we do not take caution except with regard to the “national security” issues of societies and states.. The country’s national security is the “red line” that no faction should flirt with or approach borders, as it is the first safety line for the survival of society on the international constraint.

Unconscious categories usually love and reward those who can numb them with illusions… They always describe themselves as “drowned” in crises and disasters, which in my opinion are the ones who made it, or at least participated in making it, and they do not have the real will to confront it or get out of it.. Drowning, for example, here does not It means falling into the water.. No one describes the fish as being drowned, but the fish drowns if it is left in the air.. Drowning, my friend, occurs when it falls in an environment that does not resemble you or in a place that is not suitable for you or befitting it..! We will continue in our next article.

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