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Messages and Facts: Reading of President’s Visit to Beheira

– Day after day, the features of the new republic are being formed and it is proven to everyone that “building the human being” is its foundation, and “the interest of the citizen” is its slogan.

-The Egyptian state has adopted a comprehensive concept of development based on the fact that the Egyptian citizen is the focus of development plans and the main engine for them, and then sought to improve the vital sectors that affect his life, such as health, education, social security and other sectors.

-President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s visit to the village of Al-Abadia, affiliated to the Damanhour Center in Beheira, came to inaugurate and inspect a number of development and service projects within the village within the framework of the “Decent Life” initiative, which included the health unit, the Al-Abadia nursing home, the technological services complex, and the agricultural services complex.

-The President’s visit reflected the volume of the achievement of the “Decent Life” initiative in reality and the extent of its contribution to changing the way of life for more than half of Egypt’s population in the villages and rural areas of Egypt, to become one of the most prominent community initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life, reducing the average poverty rate in the targeted villages, and even It becomes the most important in the modern history of Egypt, as the initiative aimed to develop about 4,584 villages, whose population represents about 58% of the total population of the Arab Republic of Egypt, at a cost exceeding 500 billion pounds in its various stages, after its launch in 2019.

-This has not happened on the land of Egypt for decades because of its enormous cost and the weakness or lack of infrastructure in these places.

-It also led to the marginalization and deterioration of the conditions of the rural and Upper Egypt population, migration from these governorates and villages, a decline in the area of agricultural land, and consequently a decrease in the volume of crops – especially the strategic one – and the increase in the volume of importing agricultural crops from abroad and pressure on the state budget.

-The total number of projects implemented in Abadiah amounted to about 79 projects in all sectors, including 22 communications projects, 7 educational buildings projects, 8 electricity projects, 13 drinking water projects, 9 projects in the health sector, and 8 sanitation projects. And 3 youth and sports projects, and 2 irrigation projects. And a project in every sector (gas, social solidarity, government services complex, agricultural services complex, markets, ambulance point, fire station).

-The president’s visit carried many messages and answers to many questions, as Sisi was keen to answer all questions transparently and objectively during his dialogue with the people, leaders and youth of the lake. The most important messages are as follows:

1- The political leadership’s realization of the role of youth in achieving development: The president saluted and thanked the youth volunteers in the “Decent Life” initiative for the effort they made to help the villagers and change their lives for the better through the initiative’s projects.

2- Taking care of the most needy groups and the elderly: The President was keen to visit the “Abadiah Nursing Home”, and expressed his great happiness for being with them and making sure that all their needs were met, and he responded to the request of some to perform Hajj and Umrah.

3- Ensuring the completion of the process of digital transformation and mechanization of services: the President’s tour in the village of Al-Abadiyya included a visit to the Technology Services Complex, which includes the provision of notarization services, the Egyptian Post, Civil Status, and the local unit, while the complex provides more than 161 services, including some services that end on the same day.

4- The state’s determination to complete the health insurance system: the president made sure that his tour included the health unit of the village of Al-Abadiyya. There he listened to a detailed explanation from the director of the unit, who confirmed that it serves 37 thousand citizens and will be the first to join the comprehensive health insurance system.

5– Working to increase the agricultural area, purchasing agricultural crops at an appropriate and competitive price, and completing the implementation of “decent life” projects: The President called on the people of Al-Buhaira to preserve the agricultural lands that have soil suitable for agriculture and not to waste them by building on them.

6- National projects are a reality experienced by Egyptians: The President stressed that Egypt in all its governorates is witnessing a comprehensive development plan at all levels, as land reclamation projects included for example in all governorates of the Republic, including Sinai, despite the exorbitant cost.

7-Egypt is a big country and does not trade in refugee issues : the president explained in his open dialogue with the people of Beheira governorate that Egypt hosts 9 million refugees from a number of countries suffering from conditions of fighting and internal conflict, adding that this number is likely to increase with the continuation of the turbulent situation in Sudan, where Egypt has received over the past 7 weeks about 220 thousand Sudanese, stressing that Egypt is a large country and does not trade in refugee issues.

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