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255 human rights organizations call on ICJ to issue an urgent order to stop Israeli crimes in Gaza

The Israeli occupation forces have continued to commit international crimes against the Palestinian people. In every aggression launched by the occupying entity, with the facilitation and complicity of the the international community, especially United States of American, Britain, and the European Union, the occupying state – its leaders, soldiers, and settlers – do not hesitate to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people and the residents of the Gaza Strip. Since October 7th, the occupation forces have been launching a war that was described as genocide and the Palestinians are in grave danger of mass ethnic cleansing. The Baptist Hospital crime is only one of its carefully planned and systematic episodes.

As electricity and fuel cut continues, there is an imminent danger that hospitals will stop working, especially intensive care rooms, oxygen generation, and dialysis, and that ambulances and civil defense vehicles will stop providing any services. Since 42% of Gaza’s housing has been completely demolished or partially damaged, and there are one million six hundred thousand displaced people who have been forcibly removed from their homes, any rain that falls this season will lead to additional disasters, forming an advanced episode of genocide.

In view of the ongoing war crimes, aggression, and genocide against the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, and in view of the failure of all efforts made for years to exploit the prosecution mechanism established by the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court, for many reasons that cannot be mentioned here, we call for the use of legal capabilities available under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948, , and the practical and judicial practice related to it. We note that the occupying state and a significant number of Arab countries are parties to the Convention, and did not submit any reservations regarding the provision contained in Article (9) of the Convention; under which the States Parties acknowledge the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, the right of any party to the conflicting States Parties to refer disputes that may arise between the parties regarding the interpretation, application, or implementation of the Convention, including disputes related to the responsibility of a State for genocide, or for conspiracy or incitement to commit it.

Since the criminal acts committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip involve intentionally subjecting the residents of the Gaza Strip to living conditions that are intended to physically destroy the population of the Palestinian Strip, in whole or in part, in a systematic manner that expresses a general pattern, we demand the following:

First: That any of the state’s parties to the aforementioned agreement, especially the Arab and Islamic states parties, take the initiative to request the International Court of Justice to issue an urgent order requiring the Israeli occupation forces to stop its criminal activities in the Gaza Strip.

Second: File a lawsuit against the occupying entity and any country that contributed, supported, or colluded with it to commit genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, to hold it internationally and legally responsible for those actions.

Third: That countries take the initiative to take countermeasures against the occupying entity and those who colluded with it or facilitated the commission of genocide crimes in the Gaza Strip, including an economic boycott of the entity, severing diplomatic relations with it, and not recognizing any realistic situations that may arise from these criminal acts.

Signatory organizations:

  1. Egyptian Federation for Development and Social Protection Policies (includes 48 associations, specific unions, and general unions)
  2. Coordination for Maghreb Human Rights Organizations (include 26 HR organizations from Morocco, Mauretania, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya)
  3. General Union of Palestinian Jurists
  4. General Union of Palestinian Women
  5. General Union of Palestinian Teachers
  6. General Federation of Trade Unions / Palestine
  7. General Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions
  8. Women’s Action Union – Morocco
  9. Sudanese Women’s Union
  10. The Jordan Federation of the independent Trade Unions
  11. The National Federation of Trade Unions and Employees in Lebanon
  12. Union of Palestinian Working Women’s Committees
  13. Youth Academy monitors human rights violations/Tunisia
  14. Tunisian Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  15. The Human Rights Coalition to Stop the Aggression, Lift the Siege, and Build Peace in Yemen (includes 10 organizations from ten Arab countries)
  16. Egyptian Coalition for Child Rights (includes 180 institutions)
  17. The Moroccan Coalition for Human Rights Bodies (includes 20 Moroccan human rights organizations)
  18. The Academic Assembly for the support of Palestine-Lebanon
  19. Women’s Cultural Assembly for Democracy / Iraq
  20. Cultural Rally for Democracy / Iraq
  21. NGOs Platform (Tajamoh)(includes 50 organizations)/Lebanon
  22. The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering-RDFL
  23. Mauritania Professors Alliance
  24. Jordan Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  25. Syrian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (SCODP)
  26. Alliance Iraqi Minorities Network – includes 28 non-governmental organizations
  27. Iraqi Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  28. The Iraqi Alliance for Human Rights Organizations (includes 55 organizations)
  29. The Arab Coalition against the Death Penalty
  30. Syrian Feminist Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325
  31. Yemeni Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  32. The Jordan Society for Human Rights
  33. Humanitarian Relief Society for Iraqi Turkmen Women/Iraq
  34. Iraqi Al- Amal Association
  35. Bahrain Human Rights Society
  36. Baraem Association for Social Work/Lebanon
  37. Civil Solidarity Association / Tunis
  38. Cultural Development Association in Qena/Egypt
  39. Tunisian Association for Cultural Action ATAC
  40. Tunisian Association of Democratic Women
  41. Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities
  42. Jordanian Jurists Association / Jordan
  43. Association pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme au Maroc (ASDHOM)
  44. Working Women’s Association/Jordan
  45. The Iraqi Association for the Care of Juveniles and the Elderly
  46. The Iraqi Society for Defending Journalists’ Rights
  47. Women’s Action Association/Palestine
  48. Lebanese Association of Democratic Jurists
  49. Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development PWWSD”
  50. Egyptian Society for Economic and Social Rights
  51. Moroccan Association for Human Rights
  52. The Moroccan Association for Women Progressive
  53. Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of Rights
  54. Mauritanian Association for Human Rights
  55. The Mauritanian association for the promotion of girls’ education (AMPEF)
  56. Arab Women Organization-Jordan
  57. Al-Nidal Association for Human Right/Iraq
  58. Omy Association for Rights and Development/Egypt
  59. Ana Insan Association for the Rights of the Disabled/ Jordan
  60. Iraqi Human Relief and Development Society/Iraq
  61. Jothor Society for Human Rights-Jordan
  62. Association Bridges Citizenship / Tunisia
  63. Association for the Protection of Women Workers from Violence and Harassment in the World of Work
  64. Jose Marti Association for Arab-Latin American Solidarity
  65. Rachel Corrie Association for Solidarity Among Peoples
  66. Roaa Women Association-Jordan
  67. Free Vision Association / Tunisia
  68. Flowers of Life Charitable Association for sheltering orphans with special needs in Alexandria/Egypt
  69. Women’s Network Society for Women Support/ Jordan
  70. Chamoua Association for Equality/Morocco
  71. Mothers School Association /Palestine
  72. Iraqi Human Rights Monitoring Society/Iraq
  73. Together for Human and Environment
  74. Jordanian Women Solidarity Institute Association
  75. Women’s Development Forum Association/Egypt
  76. Orient Forum Association for Freedom and Peace
  77. Amman Society Forum for Human Rights
  78. Tunisia’s Nachas Association
  79. Hevi Association For Support War Victims/Iraq
  80. Wadi Nile Development Association / Egypt
  81. Defense for Children International/Palestine
  82. Protecting human rights defenders around the Arab world/ France
  83. The Jordanian Academic Campaign for Solidarity with the Rights of the Palestinian People
  84. Maison des syndicats et des services du travail/Égypte
  85. Tunisian League for Tolerance
  86. The Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights
  87. The Algerian League for Defense Human Rights
  88. Iraqi Woman ‘s League
  89. Association of Women Heads of Families from Mauritania
  90. Iraqi Human Rights Trainers Association – includes 138 trainers in the field of human rights
  91. Shabak Woman Association
  92. Rashid For Integrity and Transparency/ Jordan
  93. Freedom Pioneers for Integrity and Human Rights Training / Jordan
  94. The Jordanian Network for Human Rights (includes 11 human rights organizations)
  95. Election Network in the Arab Region
  96. Human Network for Health Promotion and Humanitarian Work /Iraq
  97. International Network for Human Rights and Development / France
  98. Global Network for the Defense of the Palestinian People
  99. Justice Network for Prisoners – includes 40 non-governmental organizations /Iraq
  100. Iraq Network for the Localization of Humanitarian Work – includes 79 non-governmental organizations
  101. Iraq Network for Child Rights – includes 54 non-governmental organizations
  102. The Arab Human Rights Trainers Network
  103. Women’s Peace and Security Network (Yemen)
  104. The Syrian National Network for Civil Peace and Community Safety.
  105. JAF Network for Monitoring Democracy and Human Rights/Iraq
  106. Sumariat Network/Iraq
  107. Shams Election Monitoring Network – includes 161 non-profit organizations andassociations./Iraq
  108. AIN Network for Monitoring Elections and Democracy – includes 33 non-governmental organizations/Iraq  
  109. Karama Network (includes 25 women’s associations)
  110. Naya Community Network – Jordan
  111. Iraqi Women Network (include 100 organization)
  112. One Justice/France
  113. The working group of organizations with advisory status in the United Nations – includes (21) Iraqi organizations
  114. Palestinian women against violence
  115. The Syrian Federation of Human Rights Organizations and Bodies
  116. Qadirat / Tunisia
  117. Committees for the Defense of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria (LDH)
  118. Syrian Medical Committee/Paris
  119. Arab Commission for Human Rights
  120. The Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (Al Rased).
  121. The Vigilance Committee for Democracy in Tunisia / Belgium
  122. Palestinian Initiative to Deepen Global Dialogue and Democracy-MIFTAH
  123. The International Council Supporting Fair Trials and Human Rights (ICSFT)
  124. International Council for Relief and Development
  125. Yemeni Council for Rights and Freedoms / Yemen
  126. Lebanese Women’s Council (includes 150 organization)
  127. Lawyers for Justice /Yemen
  128. School of Human Rights / Kuwait
  129. Arab World Observatory for Democracy and Elections
  130. The Arab Observatory for Human Rights and Citizenship/ Lebanon
  131. French Observatory for Human Rights/Paris
  132. Observatoire mauritanien des droits de l’homme
  133. Observatoire National pour la Défense de la Civilisation de l’Etat (Tunisie)
  134. Hurriyat Observatory / Morocco
  135. Human Rights & Democracy Media Center “SHAMS”/Palestine
  136. Women’s Psychological and Social Counseling Center/Palestine
  137. Strategic Center for Human Rights/Iraq
  138. Arab Women Media Center / Jordan
  139. Bahrain Center for Human Rights
  140. American Center for Human Rights and Social Services / New York
  141. Al-Badeel Center for Studies and Research/Jordan
  142. Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture-Lebanon
  143. Women’s Studies Center/ Palestine
  144. Center for the Defense of Freedoms and Civil Rights “Hurriyat” / Palestine
  145. The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and Advocates “Musawa”
  146. Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy PCPD
  147. The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA”
  148. The Palestinian Center for Democratic Dialogue and Political Development
  149. Center for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (CHLHR)/Yemen
  150. Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights/Palestine
  151. Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling/Palestine
  152. Al Mezan Center for Supporting the Rule of Law /Iraq
  153. Pana Center for Eliminating Violence against Women
  154. Tunis Center for Freedom of the Press
  155. Jothor Center for Human Rights/Jordan
  156. Geneva Center for Democracy and Human Rights
  157. Women Right Center In samawah/Iraq
  158. Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Studies
  159. Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS)
  160. Metro Center for Defending the Rights of Journalists/ Iraq
  161. Call of Karama Center for Rights and Development/Yemen
  162. Women’s Rights Center for Relief and Development in Babil/Iraq
  163. Democracy and human Right Development Center/Iraq 
  164. Scandinavian Institute of Human Rights/Geneva
  165. Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights/Australia
  166. International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights/Geneva
  167. Yemen Media Forum / Yemen
  168. Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights / Egypt
  169. Houran Forum for Citizenship/Syria
  170. Bahrain Forum for Human Rights
  171. Renewal Forum for Citizen and Democratic Thought / Tunisia
  172. Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (Yemen)
  173. Sudanese National Civil Forum (includes 54 civil society organizations) / Sudan
  174. Moroccan Forum for Truth and Equity
  175. Human Rights Solidarity Organization/Libya
  176. HFR Human Rights Organization/Britain
  177. Iqbas Organization for Human Rights and Sustainable Development/Iraq
  178. Strategy and Development Organization/Mauritania
  179. African Organization for Human Rights Monitoring/Morocco
  180. Baraem Association for Children Care/Iraq
  181. International House for Human Rights / France
  182. Civil Development Organization /Iraq     
  183. The Tunisian Organization against Torture
  184. Al-Haq Organization For Human Rights Culture/Iraq
  185. Gender Studies and Information Organization / Iraq
  186. rganization for the Defense of Victims of Violence / Geneva
  187. Organization for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience in Syria – Rawanga
  188. Justic Orgnization For Minorites Rights /Iraq
  189. Justice and Equality Organization for Human Rights, Salah al-Din, Tuz Khurmatu District /Iraq
  190. The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria
  191. Arab Organization for Human Rights/New York
  192. The Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD)
  193. Iraqi Women and Future Organization
  194. Al-Masara Charitable Organization for Women and Children Care/Iraq
  195. Al-Mounqith organization for Human Right/Iraq
  196. Al-Mawaddah Organization for Human Rights/Iraq
  197. Al Mouel Organization for Rights and Development / Yemen
  198. Public Aid Organization/Iraq
  199. National Organization for Human Rights in Syria
  200. Al-Weam Organization for Defending Human Rights
  201. Yemeni Organization for Dialogue of Religions and Cultures
  202. Intisaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights/Yemen
  203. Insan Organization for Rights and Liberties/Yemen
  204. Ankidu Humanitarian Organization for Women and Children/Iraq
  205. European Organization for Human Rights/New York
  206. Bro Organization for Rights and Development/Iraq
  207. Freedom House Organization to defend human rights and combat slavery and its remnants/ Mauritania
  208. Tammuz Organization for Social Development/Iraq
  209. Family and Child Humanitarian Development Organization/Iraq
  211. The Right of Return Organization 194/ Palestine
  212. Human Rights Organization in Syria- Maf
  213. Organization for the Protection of Law and the Promotion of Peace / Yemen
  214. Dabin Organization for Democratic Development and Human Rights /Iraq
  215. Dar es Salaam Organization / New York
  216. Diyala Organization for Human Rights/Iraq
  217. Rasty Organization for human Rights/Iraq
  218. Iraqi Messengers of Peace Organization
  219. Sawa Organization for Human Rights/Iraq
  220. Step Organization for democracy and election
  221. Salzan Organization for Women and Human Rights/Iraq
  222. Desert Youth Organization for Development and Human Rights / Libya
  223. Defenders for Human Rights, Morocco
  224. Masir Organization for Combating Human Trafficking /Iraq
  225. Mom Organization for Women Empowerment/Iraq
  226. Kirkuk Women’s Organization for Peace Propagation/Iraq
  227. Nour Al-Rahma Organization for Human Rights/Iraq
  228. Yemeni Organization for Defense Rights and Democratic Freedoms/Yemen
  229. Ataa Al-Shabab Organization for Human Rights/Iraq
  230. Creativity Foundation for Human Right
  231. Alternative Development Foundation/Egypt
  232. Al Salam Foundation for Human Rights in Anbar/Iraq
  233. The Middle East Foundation for Development and Human Rights (Yemen)
  234. Iraq Foundation for Promoting Democracy and Human Rights
  235. Al-furatin Foundation for election and democracy/Iraq
  236. The Egyptian Foundation for the Advancement of Children’s Rights
  237. National Foundation to Combat Human Trafficking/Yemen
  238. Anmal Al-Rahma Foundation for Human Rights/Iraq
  239. Ataa Seed Foundation for Human Rights and Sustainable Development /Iraq
  240. Foundation for the Protection of Law and the Promotion of Social Peace / Yemen
  241. Community Development and Protection Support Foundation – Aden / Yemen
  242. Amel International Foundation/Lebanon
  243. Maison des syndicats et des services du travail/Égypte
  244. Egyptian Women’s Issues Foundation
  245. Mada Foundation for Human Rights / Iraq
  246. Communication Foundation for Development/Egypt
  247. Palestinian Journalists Syndicate
  248. Yemeni Bar Association
  249. National Union of Tunisian Journalists
  250. The National Commission for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Rule of Law- Independence / Palestine
  251. The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People
  252. Sahel Organization for Defending Human Rights and Supporting Education and Social Peace/Mauritania
  253. The Palestinian Authority for PhD holders in the civil service
  254. Moroccan Commission for Human Rights
  255. Human Rights Center for Memory and Archives/Morocco

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