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“Draya” Forum appreciates the mobilization of voters around the ballot boxes and calls for an increase in the number of committees

The strategic forum for public policies and Development Studies “Draya” appreciates the mobilization of Egyptians today in front of the polling stations from early morning until the closing dates of the committees, on the first days of the 2024 presidential elections, stressing that this mobilization reflects the awareness of the Egyptian people of the magnitude of the challenges that the Egyptian state is witnessing at this crucial moment in the life of the homeland and the entire region.

Dr. Salah Hashem, head of the “Draya” Forum, the research arm of the Egyptian Union for Development and Social Protection Policies, confirmed that Egyptians’ awareness of the importance of participation comes from a pure national motive, which is to preserve this country, which faces a major challenge on its borders from several directions, adding that Egypt is over History wins by betting on its loyal sons.

Hashem pointed out that this crowding around the polling stations reflects the Egyptian citizen’s awareness of the nature of the stage the country is going through and the challenges it faces in order to achieve comprehensive development. It also indicates his sense of social responsibility and that he is an essential partner in building the new state and has the full right to self-determination. Explaining the civilized image shown by voters during the first day, which is characterized by youth, diversity, and concern for integrity and transparency in all voting processes..

The Draya Forum for Public Policy and Development Studies called for increasing the number of polling committees, granting workers on Tuesday an official holiday, and increasing the opening hours of the committees, saying that the number of those entitled to participate in the presidential elections reaches about 67 million voters, and therefore the number of committees must be increased from 11,631 inside the country. 9,367 electoral centers, including schools, youth centers, and health units, with the aim of reducing crowding, making it easier for voters, and giving an opportunity to those entitled to vote to participate in this important constitutional entitlement.

Hashim praised the regularity and discipline of the electoral process at the Republic level, since the first hours of the start of the voting process, and the full judicial supervision of the polling committees, where about 15 thousand judges from various authorities and judicial bodies, including the heads of sub-committees or conservation committees, supervise the electoral process, to ensure transparency and integrity of the electoral process.

It should be noted that the list of candidates in the 2024 presidential elections includes: presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, symbol of the “star,” presidential candidate Farid Zahran, head of the Egyptian Democratic Party, symbol of the “sun,” and presidential candidate Abdel-Sanad Yamama, head of the Wafd Party, symbol of the “palm tree.” Presidential candidate Hazem Omar is a symbol of “stair.”

The presidential elections are scheduled to be held inside Egypt according to the schedule set by the National Elections Authority on December 10, 11, and 12, with voting starting from nine in the morning until nine in the evening. December 13 has been set for the end of the counting process, sending the records to the general committees, and announcing the result. On December 18th.

The National Elections Authority has invited all diplomatic missions accredited inside Egypt to follow up on the electoral process and 24 embassies have already submitted to the authority and 67 diplomats have registered for follow-up work. 14 international organizations have been accredited to participate in the work of following up on the presidential elections, and 220 follow-up permits have been issued to these organizations, in addition to the participation of 62 local civil society organizations.

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