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Egyptian Federation and Goodwill Caravan Discuss Refugee Support in Egypt

Officials from the Egyptian Federation for Development and Social Protection Policies (EFDSPP) held a meeting Sunday with representatives from the “Goodwill Caravan”, a UK-based humanitarian charity that covers protection projects including emergency aid distributions, sheltering the most vulnerable, and legal and medical support for refugees and vulnerable populations in UK, Greece and United States of America.  

The meeting was attended by representatives from both organizations. Representing the “EFDSPP” were: Dr. Salah Hashem, the Founder of the Federation, Shadi El-Sharqawy, the Executive Director of the Federation, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar, the Executive Manager of the Strategic Forum for Public Policies and Development Studies (Draya).

Representing the “Goodwill Caravan” were: Dr. Hanan Ashegh, the CEO and Founder of the Organization, Marta De Aguinaga, Director of Operations and Partnerships of the Organization, Fathi Alwali, Director of Operations for the Organization in Egypt, Salha Mubarak, the Administrative Manager of the Organization.

The meeting discussed ways of cooperation between the “EFDSPP” and the “Goodwill Caravan” in supporting refugees, out of the importance of enhancing care and support for refugees and working towards integrating them into host communities.

Both sides agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining the details of the partnership and mutual commitments to start implementing joint projects to support refugees in Egypt, particularly Palestinians and Sudanese. The first phase of cooperation will include establishing a program to assist Palestinian students in the Egyptian Universities, by covering their tuition fees and any outstanding debts owed to the universities they attend.

During the meeting, the “Goodwill Caravan” team emphasized that launching this program marks the first step in their cooperation with the Egyptian Federation. This will be followed by further stages of cooperation in areas of empowering Palestinian and Sudanese refugees in Egypt and providing them with psychological and social support to help them integrate into Egyptian society.

“Goodwill Caravan” is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (registration no 1176314). It supports thousands of refugees and vulnerable groups on the journey to a better life, through our anti-trafficking protection projects.

The humanitarian organization focuses particularly on refugee families, orphans, detained and unaccompanied children who are at the highest risk of trafficking and kidnappings, including for the organ trade.

Goodwill Caravan empowers the vulnerable populations  by giving them the skills they will need to become fully functional members of their new societies, whether that is in Greece or other European countries they are relocated to.

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